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Change Agents

The Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was quoted as saying that "change is the only constant in life." This is an accurate reflection of life today and evidently even in ancient times, conditions rapidly evolved and there was considerable change in day to day life.

Globalisation and technical innovation have led to a disruptive rapidly evolving business environment. The digital revolution, rise of social media, mobile technologies, AI and Robotics have altered established business norms resulting in increased need for change management capabilities. To survive, the modern organisation needs visionary leadership to get behind new initiatives and introduce far reaching change that will be accepted and supported by internal and external stake holders. Change leaders should be capable of responding successfully to organisational change, managing the relationships associated with it and effectively overcoming potential barriers and organisational resistance.

The desire to maintain the status quo and avoid the disruption that change brings can derail the best run change program so overcoming this resistance is essential. Managing change involves transitioning individuals, teams, and organisations and re-directing resources, business process, budget allocations and other operating methods to significantly reshape a company or organisation. Change management focuses on how people and teams are affected by organisation transition and it needs to ensure there is buy-in. It deals with multiple disciplines, from behavioral and social sciences to information technology and business solutions. In a project management context, change management also refers to effective change control processes so project scope change is formally introduced and approved in accordance with corporate governance methods.

Few organisations can survive without an effective change strategy together with the ability to successfully deliver the agreed change programme. Millennium Consulting is an established Management Consultancy that provides strategic advice and delivery services that enables clients to implement far reaching change programmes. Managing change effectively requires influential leadership combined with knowledgeable capabilities that ensure the organisation supports the new regime.

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