Our Green Agenda

The world is experiencing rapid population growth, global warming, environmental pollution, rising water levels, declining animal populations and increasing use of plastics. This is having a detrimental impact on the planet that will have a catastrophic affects on future generations.

So what can be done? In order to fulfil our commitment to operational sustainability, our Green Agenda looks at ways to minimise our impact on the environment. Through this agenda we commit to recognising and understanding the importance of being responsible, sustainable and ethical in order to meet the needs of the present and leave a better environment for future generations.

We will do this through:

  • Minimise the use of materials, energy and water in our premises, reducing the amount of waste. Develop effective waste management and recycling initiatives wherever possible.
  • Reduce our contribution to environment emissions from travel by investing in technology that allows us to increase remote working and improved use of video- or tele-conferencing.
  • Use local suppliers, recycled materials and Fairtrade products wherever possible.
  • Measure the carbon impact of our operations and identify and implement means of reducing our carbon footprint. We will support local and overseas “plant a tree” initiatives to aid our journey to become carbon neutral by 2022.
  • Use our skills and strengths as an organisation to promote key sustainability messages locally, e.g. taking part in plastic beach cleaning activities.
  • Turning off lights and electrical appliances such as computer monitors and TVs when not in use.
  • Adjusting the indoor climate by avoiding the use of heaters when not required.
  • Replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient lights.

To help keep this agenda in all of our employees’ minds, we have undertaken a re-branding process, to help emphasise the ‘Green Agenda’ across all our activities.

The UK is small when compared with the large economies of China, India and the US, who damage the environment the most; however, if we each pursue a sustained green agenda then the contribution we make will have a positive impact in promoting the welfare of the planet we call home.


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